As of the entire world is heading to herbal and plant products and recording to the result of years of our long experience in this field, GLOBAL’Z was established in the Republic of turkey, its goal to providing unique products which are easy to trade in the pharmacy and provide benefits and support for the health of all family members.


GLOBAL’Z sectors

Our sectors are the following:

Treatment Products

The syrup Line: a group of therapeutic products under the supervision of experts in the pharmaceutical industry and it's safe to be used by young people and adults and it’s suitable for all ages. Softgels capsules line (Soft gelatin): a modern civilized product that is safe for plant drugs and essential oils that are easy to swallow.

Antiseptic line and medications for external use:

Gargle and pharyngeal antiseptics. The women’s antiseptics and perfumery and feminine wash of herbal origin free from chemicals

Food Products

A Natural honey production line, Plant compositions with honey has been created that perform multiple functions:

  • As a general sexual enhancer fortified with vitamin E to gonads activation.
  • The honey product for energy which is related to the athletes and those in a recovery situation and students are in the exam stage.
  • New in global markets, carob’s honey with caviar.
  • Chocolate manufacturing line with herbal ingredients.


GLOBAL’Z went to the global markets and it was able to gain the confidence of the producers, and was achieved a several international agencies, namely: COSVAL is an Italian Company for the production of cosmetics and exclusive agents for the Middle East. ROZALO, a German company, specialist in vitamins and infant formula. American company is specialist in health products, and from it, the American slimming quick up slim product, which gains an international quality certificate.


all bandages and belts that used for the skeleton and prosthetic with globally specifications The GLOBAL’Z Company is keen to provide the needs of global markets with the best specifications.


A group of capsules in a pharmacist form.